If you had asked me a few weeks ago what items I'm most anticipating buying this fall, absolutely nowhere on that list would you have found the word Blazer. I actually would have laughed in the face at anyone who might have even had the gall to suggest I might soon be investing in a blazer, much less eagerly wearing one. But like the day I met one of my best friends in a Freshman Lit class after she straight up told a guy that his critiques were sexist, I saw this blazer on a hanger and curiously decided, "Hey, I kind of like you." That's because the second I tried on this glen plaid gem, I recognized the possibility to style something so classically corporate in a way that's distinctly not (the most) safe for work. I'll just leave you to the photos above and the words: hiking boots, baby tee and fishnets-- to fully understand what I mean. As always, shop the look below.