Ashley and Kat Hess are creators and consultants. They specialize in styling, direction, photography, modeling and writing. The twin sisters exist as two, but operate as one, with a unique viewpoint and shared image. Whether behind the camera or in front of it, they combine their skills and talents to transform their original concepts into digital content. Accustomed to working on a team, Ashley and Kat welcome the opportunity to collaborate with others, as they have in the past with international brands such as G-Star, Equinox, and All Saints. is a chronicled portfolio and curated look into the twins’ lives and experiences in fashion and beyond.


We're pretty big on sportswear, and street wear, and usually opt for menswear over womenswear.

“She knows all the sophisticated slang the youth is using before they’ve even been born.” – Kat on Ashley

“She's a perfectionist. Kat knows what's right before it's wrong.” – Ashley on Kat